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ROCAL is a group of leading consulting companies in Project Management. Our professional services are based on the planning, design, coordination and supervision of multidisciplinary projects in Mexico.

Our function is to represent the interests of the investor in order to visualize, anticipate and solve the problems that may arise during the development of the project.

ROCAL analyzes technical specifications, architectural and engineering plans, budgeted amounts for the executive project and work programs, in order to make the investment technically and financially successful.

ROCAL's philosophy is to verify that the works comply with the conditions indicated in the plans, specifications and contracts established between the client and the contractors.

Image by Ian Schneider


Provide professional services in Project Management, based on our accumulated knowledge and experience in planning, execution, supervision and coordination of construction projects. 

Our vision is to be a leading consulting firm in Project Management, recognized for its professionalism, high performance and technological hegemony. 

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